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Specialist Transportation

Mars-Jones can specialise in movement of abnormal loads, complex logistics solutions and transport problems which cannot be solved using standard general haulage vehicles.

We move difficult loads to difficult places. The problem could be the size or the weight. Perhaps it’s fragile or extremely valuable. Maybe it’s time critical or there are site restrictions.  Whatever the issue, whatever makes it a problem for you, it’s a challenge for us and one that we thrive on.

Types of specialist vehicles we operate;

  • Moffett rigids - great for delivering to building sites with no off-loading facilities.
  • Flat-bed vans with tail lifts - ideal for delivering into tight construction sites.
  • Longer Semi-Trailers - Instead of the typical 13.6m long trailers ours are 15.65m long, enough to gain another four pallets spaces compared to conventional trailers.
  • Extendable trailers - Capable of lengthening up to 21.2 metres with are great for moving abnormal loads. 

In the UK, there are only 1,800 longer semi-trailer - and we've got one on them! - Probably the only one to operate from North Wales. This will allow us to reduce miles and cut our carbon emissions!

Talk to us about your requirements.  We're pretty sure we will have the equipment you need but if we haven't we'll get it.