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Pick and Pack.

Mars-Jones have purpose built contract packing and assembly (including 'Pick and Pack') facilities in North Wales. We work with UK manufacturing companies and brands to understand the non-core processes they wish to outsource.

Contract packing and assembly or 'pick and pack' services can be provided by Mars-Jones on both a long term outsourcing basis and to help overcome short term peaks or demand instability.


There are so many benefits of Mars-Jones' contract packing & assembly and pick & pack services.  Let's see what we can do. 

  • Mars-Jones have purpose built facilities to adopt your resources and processes
  • Mars-Jones provide a core team of skilled staff and supervision or utilise your resource depending on your requirements
  • Mars-Jones offer both long-term contract packing / pick and pack outsourcing and also short-term capability
  • The contract packing and pick and pack services from Mars-Jones accommodate both UK based manufacturing and handling of imported containers for delivery to the UK market











Quote from our customer, Easy Chemicals;

"We needed a cost effective, reliable storage and distribution service that would be flexible to meet our needs and be able to provide same day packing and despatch to our customers. Mars-Jones’ attention to our needs means we can effectively run an unmanned distribution service which is further enhanced by their IT infrastructure – automating transactions and improving our visibility of stock and demand fulfilment – increasing our control." 

We pack anything from lube oil samples, to electrical conduit, to dog treadmills. 

Why not add your product to this list.  You never know it might get added to the website.