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Aerospace & Aviation Freight Services

Mars-Jones provides reliable transport and logistics services to the aerospace sector since 2003. 

We understand that time is of the essence in aircraft operations, and Mars-Jones grasp the practical constraints of transporting aerospace and aviation freight. We run an efficient service, offering assistance to all sectors and have the solutions to relieve bottlenecks and avoid delivery delays. Wasted time can be minimised with our tailored logistics service.

We can assist at every level of the supply chain, from the shipping of small components or fragile prototype parts, to arranging dedicated aircraft engine delivery.

Our cost-effective, multimodal systems use specialist shipping techniques that deliver all aircraft parts intact and on time, with traceability and tracking at all delivery points.

The combination of experienced multilingual logistics planners, state-of-the-art technology and dedicated transport staff ensures that your delivery deadline will be met.


Extendable trailers

Extendable trailers, or trombones, are a vital piece of equipment in the aviation industry. The ability to accept long loads that would not fit on to a standard platform trailer make this trailer design a true workhorse that needs to be as rugged as any other piece of construction machinery. Extendable trailers are capable of lengthening up to 21.2 metres which are great for moving aeroplane wings.